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Quaker Worship

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Our worship is conducted in silence, waiting in an inner search for God's guidance. Many feel a deep sense of communal spirituality during the silence. The silence may be broken by ministry, which may be offered by anyone moved to speak or sing. Topics of ministry range from social concerns to deeply spiritual insight. Usually a worshipper will speak no more than once in a meeting; we seek to build on each other's insight, not to discuss.

Quakers believe there is that of God in each of us, described as an inner voice, the Light within, or the Christ within. Anyone can draw on this spirit at any time, alone or in the silence of a gathered Meeting for Worship.

Enter, take a seat and "centre down", stilling your thoughts and opening to the Spirit. The silence may feel strange. Don't worry about this, but return to the still centre of your being, where God's presence may be felt.

At the close of Meeting, attenders will shake hands with those sitting nearby, and announcements will be read. Meeting is followed by coffee and tea in the dining room. - From the Toronto Friends at http://www.web.net/~tmm/tmmqworship.htm

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